GET Image request responds with "Render timeout, try requesting fewer or smaller images", what is the image size limit?

After performing the Figma GET request that fails,<figma link id>?ids=3321:158,3224:46,3960:583,5910:27438,4690:14394,0:1,3222:3,2:0,258:788,513:0,2:4,3222:83&format=png in the Figma provided portal here, , we get a timeout error

{ "status": 400, "err": "Render timeout, try requesting fewer or smaller images" }

The documentation( does not say anything about the maximum image size. Does anyone know what the maximum image size for GET Image request?

The maximum image resolution that can be obtained using the REST API is 32 megapixels. This is written in the documentation.

yes but the docs say the images would be scaled down

Images up to 32 megapixels can be exported. Any images that are larger will be scaled down.

If more than 32 MP, then they will be scaled down to 32 MP.

Try to find out which node is causing this error and export it at a lower resolution.