Fully functional prototype

Is it necessary to have fully functional prototype of an app?
If I have prototyped all necessary ways of navigating through the app, but not all, is it a wrong approach?
For example if we have some things on a screen that perform same action but have different values, does it make sense to prototype all of those things on each screen, even though they have same behaviour? Isn’t it a waste of time?
Please help!!

Really depends on the client /company. There are unreasonable types but if the pay is good then fine but I think protopie is a better tool for that

Practically you should not make a completely functional prototype with all the states and flows. The effort required is too much. Just make the app itself

You are better of sticking to prototyping specific flows.

here’s the guiding principle, you are prototyping to give the developer a basic idea on who the user moves throught the app and what the effect look like

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Thank you for your kind reply @kdme
But I am wondering if there are any set of rules for this or any industry practice that I can follow? Because I need to give a reason for not prototyping an app completely. Like a completely functioning app for the devs. I am stuck.

I don’t think there is. Its just says its not practical, you could but it will take too much time and no matter how much time you invest in it it would not be like a completely polish app. The tech isn’t really built for that.

Just prototype the necessary flows to give the devs the idea and you should be done.

As for defending yourself, just tell them plainly.