Frames are not showing full width on prototype

img 1: shows the frame at full width

img2: shows the prototype but not the full width of frame

@Emmy On the prototype options panel, try setting it to “Fit width” to see if that helps. But that will not make your design fill your browser screen until you start scaling down your browser width to be the same or less than your design’s frame width in Figma.

Hello, I have the same problem; however, it’s the opposite. I created a visual, and when I export it to HTML for my developer colleague, it doesn’t fit 100%. He has a scroll bar that appears. We made sure that his browser is smaller than my design’s frame.

Also @Nate_G I can’t find “options > fit width” as you screen

Thank you in advance for your help.

The prototype Options panel is available when you are in “Present” mode.

Thank you for the indication. However I don’t have the same option than you. What can I do ?

Click on the Options dropdown to get access to your prototype view settings, and set it to “fit width” to see if that helps.

Sorry I sent the wrong screenshot. As you can see, I don’t have the “fit width” option

@ev_tvt Ah ok, correct you can’t get access to that option if you are displaying your prototype on a device, but if you set your device to “None” then the “Fit width” option will appear during prototype mode. But not sure this will fix your original issue.

Hello, it worked, thank you !

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