For forum: Make "select as a solution" more visible! or change it to a text button

Hey there.

I know it seems unnecessary, but I’ve seen many posts tagged named “unsolved” even tho the writer found the answer to their problem. It seems people don’t find it easy (as you have to expand the actions to see the option)

This is what it is now (you need to press the three-dot button first):
we need to press the three-dot icon first

Then you’ll get this:
Screenshot from 2023-06-12 15-51-52

And finally, when you mark it as solved, it will be changed like this.
Screenshot from 2023-06-12 15-52-00

Why is it even hidden?
This helps us to reduce the time to find an actual unsolved problem.

(If you didn’t know this feature exists, please make sure to use the checkmark button if you found the answer to your problem!)

Seriously, no one? :frowning:

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