Flows should change with the prototype page the user is currently on

When viewing a prototype, a user may navigate to different pages and frames. But the flow seems to be at the initial one through the user experience.
The flow should be changed with respect to the page on which the user is.
Or please answer if there is anyway I can do it with the settings. It would be really helpful when a client wants to see the prototype and every page is self explanatory when the correct flow is displayed.
Thank you

Hi @Syeda_Ruba_Zehra, Thanks for reaching out and I appreciate you sharing the details.

If you want to create a prototype across pages, unfortunately, it isn’t possible at this moment.
However, there’s a discussion in our community forum where others have expressed a similar need and our prototyping team is aware of this demand: Create one prototype across the pages in a file
Although we can’t give you specific details about our plans or make any guarantees, if the post above match your needs I encourage you to add your vote or comment to the post to support this feature request.

I hope this helps clear things up! f I overlooked anything please let us know.

Thanks again for reaching out.