[FIXED] Is this Frame glitch?


Today I work normally like every day. But something strange happened to my Figma. Every time I create a Frame. The Frame name is not in the position where it supposes to be. And I can’t do anything to it. I can not explain by typing messages so I attach the video below to show you guys what happen to me.

It seems to happen only on my personal account. I did change to another account and tried to create a frame but it’s normal and no problem the same as my personal account

Is this glitch? If anyone knows how to solve this please help :(.
Sorry for my weak English


I’ve been experiencing the same problem as well, and no solution as of yet… it’s quite tiring

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A coworker of mine has the same issue, for me everything is fine. It seems like something has gone broken in the past few days.
I can create the frames normally, but everything she sees is floating frames without naming etc.

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Same bug here ! :sob:

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same problem

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Experiencing the same here. Really annoying.

Edit: it’s fixed already! Thanks Figma <3


its fixed. thank you

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Can confirm, bug is fixed for us too (:

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I’ve been experiencing the same problem as well :cry: :cry: