FIXED: Bug with Multi select / edit text and library font styles

Hi team,

With the new multi select/edit text, when using this function across different breakpoints the fonts styles are being replacedto match the edited field.

If the edit prompt field is in a desktop frame it will replace our mobile frame with the same desktop font styling.

Is there a way to make edits to the copy without the styling being replaced?

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Hey Paul! Thank you for your feedback. This is intended for now, but we will pass your feedback to the team for improvement!

Thanks, @Celine_Figma appreciate the response. Would you happen to have a shareable roadmap of what the intention will be in the future?

Also, can you suggest any temporary workarounds after a multi-select-edit to prevent font styling changes without the need to manually change the text fields for the mobile breakpoints back to the mobile-specific font style?


Hi Paul! To be transparent, the team is working on it now to implement a fix, although it is an “intended” behaviour - while I can’t share any specific ETA for the moment. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience in the meantime! :pray:

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Thanks for your transparency @Celine_Figma. I’ll keep an eye out for the fix.

Hi @Celine_Figma it looks like a fix was deployed and the multi-edit is working without changing the font style.

Thanks for the support!

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Hey Paul!
Yes, I confirm a fix has been deployed. Thank you for following up!

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