Fix Position when scrolling causes frames to disappear

I am trying to freeze a menu at the bottom of the display. When I choose to fix position when scrolling it disappears from view on figma mirror or in prototype mode.

I’ve tried messing with the constraints even attempted to fix it in the middle of the screen just to see if that would work but as soon as I check that box it disappears.


Place the menu item at the bottom of the frame (where your content ends), in the constraints properties select “Bottom”.


Constraints were set to the bottom, still disappeared. There’s a few spectrum threads listing this bug. I tried everything I could find on these forums for 2 hours. To fix it I rebooted the mac and reinstalled figma, then it worked. No idea why but that fixed it

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Can you share the file link?

Did you find a solution? i am experiencing the same

If you set constraints correctly, nothing will disappear. Constraints control which side of the screen is used when fixing the content relative to it. So if your item is somewhere at the bottom of the long scrolling list (y = 1500 for example) and you set its constraints to Top — it will be fixed relative to the top, at y = 1500, which is outside of the visible screen.


I can confirm it was a bug. I copied and pasted the frame into another file and it worked fine. From there I migrated the whole prototype into a new file and it worked seemlessly


I have the disappearing layer problem too. My Problem is, that Figma automatically places sticky elements above scroll elements. A scrollable overlay in the front seems to be impossible to do.

This explanation helped me tremendously. Thank you so much.

Thanks! This helped!

Just came across the same problem. Instead of moving everything to a new file, I just closed Figma and opened it again. Fixed the problem.

Hey @Nabil1,

That definitely seems strange. If you come across this issue again, please let us know.

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