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Fix position when scrolling, bug fixed?

Hi everybody,

I’m experiencing a strange problem when fixing a group, element, or… well anything really, to a fixed position when scrolling.

It started happening only after I updated Figma the other day.!

As you can see on the screenshot, I’ve made a red square and called it “TEST SQUARE” in the fixed layers section. It shows up fine in the prototype player.

However, all icons related to “Mental” “Sleep” Nutrition" “Training” don’t show up in the prototype.


I’ve made multiple tests, and it seems completely random, what shows up and what doesn’t. Last week everything was working fine.

Any idea if this is just a bug, and when it will be fixed?

Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile:

It probably happens because they have different Constraints, constraints affect the side relative to which the objects are fixed. It seems like your project lacks a bit of structure, I’d recommend wrapping the bottom menu in a frame (select all elements, right click, Frame Selection). This way they will be all in the same place. Then it’s just a matter of setting Constraints correctly for that one frame instead of all these different objects.

Hey Gleb, thanks a lot man, I appreciate your help. It turned out that your suggestion with creating a frame worked and setting the constraints for just that one! :slight_smile: However, I want to mention, that it’s also how I usually do it, but when I took the screenshots the other day, I had tried so many different options, and even the bottom menus in unrelated Figma projects, had stopped working… (menus that are also in frames and set to “bottom”) so I’m not entirely convinced that there isn’t some sort of bug in this version of Figma, and also found a lot of posts online by people writing about that it was apparently an issue a couple of years ago, that elements behaved randomly even with the same constraints settings, and everybody was begging Figma to fix it. But either way, thanks a lot for you help! :slight_smile: