Fix nav bar to the bottom of a component to prevent frame switching

The component is meant to facilitate a checkout flow. When the last part of the component is triggered I want the checkout button on the nav bar to change from a lighter color to a darker one to indicate all info has been filled out and can be processed.

The way only way I have been able to sort of achieve this is by creating two separate frames with the final trigger of checkout component then navigating to the other frame where the checkout flow is complete and the nav bar is now active on the new frame. The issue with this method is that the user will be taken back to the top of the new frame which feels a bit jarring and confusing considering they were just at the end of their checkout.

Essentially what I am trying to do is not have to switch frames and just keep the entire process contained ideally in one component (which i dont think is possible with the new scrolling system) or at least just in one frame.

Here is a video to better depict the issue