Find and replace Text Styles like Color Styles

Hi everyone,

First time I post a message on this forum and before to post it I tried to search a solution to my problem without success yet.

I search a plugin to replace multiple / mixed text styles « in a selection » like we can change natively in Figma color styles :

Above you can see on the right panel « Selection colors » where I can change easily all the color styles « in the selection ». It would be very useful if I could do the same with the text styles. Someone know a plugin which can do that ?

Similayer or Style Organiser can not do what I want because it search in all the page not only on my selection. Like I said, I search a plugin which can do the same native function that the « Selection colors » on the right panel of my screen capture.

Hope someone can help me.

PS : I’m sorry for my bad english, I’m French

I finally find a plugin Select by Font.

It’s a bit slow when you have a lot of elements in your selection to select all but it works.

Hope that Figma will make it natively in a new version.