File creation in "Drafts" by default

File creation in “Drafts” by default

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I really hope we get a way to set this as the default, or for it to remember the last value. Every single time I make a new file it’s:

  1. Click +
  2. Click New design file
  3. Get surprised by the popup for switching plans
  4. Close it
  5. Switch the dropdown to Default
  6. Click New design file

Happens frequently enough for it to be annoying, not frequently enough for me to remember to switch it.

I really hate it.

It’s definitely intentional to punish free users + trick/annoy you into upgrading.

But this also punishes users who are part of a paid team and just want to create new files within their drafts. All my drafts are my own personal projects or explorations, why would I create my own paid team for that.

Recently after an update I was shown a screen where it made it seem like I HAD to move all my drafts into a team and I panicked that they were going to be deleted. Since the adobe acq fell through I guess they are scrambling to squeeze more money out of their user base.

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