Figma's unclear 'Smart guides' feature for replacing layer order

can someone explain me themeaning of this feature about replacing layers’ order in smartguides?

Hello @Soham, Thank you for reaching out about Smart Selection. I completely understand that it can be difficult to grasp the meaning solely from the help center text.

Thanks for sharing the link of the Help Center article, and it seems to highlight the section below.

For arranging the layers’ positions in a smart selection, you can drag the pink dot on the layer to the desired location, and the other layer will rearrange its position accordingly.

To swap the positions of a layer with a specific layer in a smart selection, you can press Command + drag the pink dot on the layer to the desired layer for swapping, and then simply switch the positions of those two layers while keeping the other layer in its original position.
Please refer to the differences shown in the video.



I hope this provides some clarity. Let us know if I missed anything. Also, other community members may explain this better than me, so please feel free to share your insights!

Thank you.