Figma UI/UX downgrades


The new prototyping popup window when you edit the interaction is really poorly designed.
It constantly gets in the way on mouse-down when you dragging the connecting arrows of interactions, overlapping the target frame, and otherwise in general most of the time it opens out of sight, behind the viewing area.

Is there a way to place it into the sidebar?


Also when you pan or zoom, the interaction/link arrow disappears


Blurry overlay causes poor performance and lags while you drag, if you use manual positioning of the Overlay when building prototypes.
(UPD: I can’t reproduce lags anymore.)


In Recent files list in home screen we have a play icon indicator only on mouse hover over the thumb. It’s really inconvenient, this is an inappropriate loss of informativeness.


The sticky interaction pop-up also has a serious flaw. You can’t actually scroll to the other pages outside the view currently shown. You have to move your cursor to the top and wait until that “scrolls” into view using the arrow.

Previously you can just quickly swipe up the trackpad and see the ones below or above (depending on which “page” you were on in the list). However now, when you try to scroll with the trackage, instead of intercepting that to scroll the list, it scrolls the artboard behind and you can’t use the trackpad to scroll the list of pages at all.

In addition, the keyboard also worked as you could type “AB” to get the About page, but now it simply ignores the keyboard entirely.

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Agreed, this is a major issue. The popup now opens in the middle of what you’re working on (why would anyone want that?!?), at least add a preference to put it the way it was (pinned to the right sidebar).

Unfortunately this issue will auto close soon, maybe open a bug or issue ticket. Definite downgrade to me as well.

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