Figma Slides - Export without the rounded corners

Hey guys,

I’ve created a presentation and I exported to PDF to send it to my client.
But all the slides are with rounded corners with a white background.

Isn’t there a way of exporting WITHOUT the rounded corners?

Thank you!


I second this. We will still need to export PDFs to share. The rounded corners are not a good look

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Third here, the PDF looks awful because of that.

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I agree. I feel like it must be an oversight because the corners aren’t rounded in presentation mode.


Yes, it seems like something that can be fixed in minutes. I hope someone at Figma notices it soon!

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100% agreed. Definitely feels like an oversight. Please fix this soon team Figma!

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Hey everyone! Thanks for your feedback on Figma Slides!

We’'ll pass it along to our team for consideration! In the meantime, feel also free to vote up this idea (next to the topic’s title in order to gauge the overall interest in the community :ballot_box:. )
I’ve gone ahead and switch this tread as ‘Share an Idea’ :slight_smile:


Oh man, this is so frustrating! They need to fix it asap! I’ve done a client’s brand guideline using slides and now the pdf has this terrible round corner!

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This is absolute top priority, even if it seems like a small thing. Presentations get sent around as PDFs all the time, I’d argue PDF is the most popular file format for presentations by quite a long shot. And anything exported from Figma slides that has not a white background looks… not great ATM :grimacing:.


@Celine_Figma This is not a feature request that will immediately get traction, since we don’t always need to export slides. BUT I’ll make the argument that no one will be happy with these rounded corners the moment they need to export a slide deck as a PDF.

The rounded corners are not backdropped on a transparent layer, but on a white layer. So it looks like you printed your presentation on a white piece of paper. This would not be an acceptable deliverable for anyone in client services. Please fix this as soon as possible. Thanks!

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Temporary Solution: Just copy past all the slides into a normal Figma design file and export.

While I love Figma’s new Slides feature, I have one small issue with it. When exporting the slides as a PDF, the rounded corners make the exported PPTs look bad.

It would be great if, when exported, the corners were sharp instead of rounded.

Exported PDF

The presentation mode has no rounded corners. We always need to send a PDF copy to the client, which doesn’t look great with rounded corners and a different background.

Brilliant! worked like a charm, thx!
Still, Figma, we love the work you are doing, but please relieve us of this pain. Exporting is a basic job we do with presentations - pdf is the most common portable format and it must work beautifully.