Figma Section not grouping component in asset panel

Can someone explain me why some components are not well orghanized in the assets panel even if they are well integrated in sections like the others?

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I was having the same issue, but I noticed that components that don’t have variants are grouped in the section. If they have variants, the components will not be grouped. This makes it very hard to organize local components

Also have the same issue here. Just realized today when I searched “snackbar” component with variant that I put inside the Snackbar Section, it doesn’t show any result just because in a Snackbar Section I named my snackbar component as “Default” which I thought it would appear as “Snackbar / Default”. But it is not because the component with variant doesn’t grouped in the section just like @Teo_Vinagre said.

It’s a bug

I have posted this, you can attribute to get it into notice

Hey @Figma_Support

Thank you for adding Sections into Figma, this was long needed feature

I found a Bug that wanted to share :

Action: When we create a section within components and name that section it will create a folder in assets ( / ) and put components under that section.

Problem: it works fine for components but it does not recognize Interactive components and makes their folder name separated from what it should be.

I have attached a screen shot:

As you can see there is 1 section named Open matches, and in assets we have Components under its right folders, but it has created another folder for interactive components and put separated from its rightful place

It would be great if this be fixed

Thank you for Figma


I believe I have run into the same problem:

  • I have a section
  • Inside that section I have a component with the naming convention of ‘Parent/Child’
  • Also inside that section I have a component set again with the naming convention of ‘Parent/Child’
  • Under the assets tab the component is formatted as ‘Section/Parent/Child’
  • Whereas the component set is formatted as ‘Parent/Child’

Just to let you know that to solve this issue.
I do it the old way!
After I enclosed all my components in one section, I manually rename the components with the desired structure.
Yeap, the section is always renaming the first level pretty well, but after that it’s rather useful to use the convention : [Section]/Categories/Components/…

For sure, I’ve preferred an automatic sorting!