Figma REST API File Rendering

I am building an application where designers can showcase their Figma Projects by connecting their Figma account with the application so I need to fetch the Figma file data and render it on my application and show the designs.
Any fellow member has done this kind of thing? Know someone who did? Would like to give some suggestions for it?

Just render and image?

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The Image looks like a screenshot of the whole node, which makes it hard to show good-quality pages on my application.

What makes it look “like a screenshot”? Yes, it’s the image of the node, what else do you need?

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This is the Image of one of the Projects:
Showing the individual pages doesn’t seem feasible because I am thinking of showing pages 1 by 1 but with the Images API, it’s all one page.
Is there any other way to get the individual pages?

Add page node IDs to the query parameter.


Thanx, Yup it works.