Figma prototype not playing properly

Hi all. I’m new to Figma and noticed the when I play my prototype, all items on the frames do not display. If anyone could help It would be greatly appreciated. Stressed and having project due. Thanks in advance.

That happens when your images and content are not under the tab on the left side of the screen. So make sure images/content is not outside of the tab otherwise it won’t show when you’re trying to prototype. If they are, just drag it and put it under where it is supposed to go.

For example:
Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 4.39.27 PM

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out. The following help center article might be useful in ensuring your prototype is functioning correctly:

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to respond—we’re here to help. To better assist in troubleshooting, it would be helpful if you could provide screenshots, a video recording, or a file link. Rest assured, inviting to your file will not affect your billing!