Figma prototype displaying old, deleted versions of frames

Hi, I’m having a very bizarre issue with my Figma prototype. Some of the frames being displayed in the prototype are old versions of my design. Even though I have deleted these old frames and replaced them with new frames, the old version of the frame is being shown in the prototype.

For example, the text shown in the frame is the old text rather than the text that I see in my design, and the position of elements is completely different than what I see in my design. I have double checked to make sure these old frames / text are deleted, and they are.

The only thing that seems to fix this issue is completely rebuilding the frames from scratch, which is a lot of work. In summary, some of my frames seem to be “dead” or broken, where the way they look in the design is not what is displayed in the prototype.

Unfortunately, I cannot share my file because the work is confidential. Has anyone had a similar issue / have debugging ideas? Thank you!


I’ve had this happen when I’m working side-by-side with two Figma windows. Design workspace on monitor 1, Prototype Viewer ("PV) workspace on monitor 2.

Sometimes, PV will have rendering errors that look like any number of things. Mostly, they’re in the form of images I deleted but are still showing up in PV or deleted shapes and paths. Hitting R to reset does not fix the rendering issue. Closing the PV tab does not (usually) fix the issue. But, closing the PV window works.

I assume there’s some arcane rendering cache problem at the heart of this. For now, that’s the workaround I suggest.

Thank you for this insight! Unfortunately, this is happening for me all within the same Figma window. Seems like a large bug, I’ve contacted support and hopefully they can help figure it out

Hey Erica, have you got any reply from the support yet? I just found it today and it happens only on certain flows.

Hi! Yes, I was able to get in touch with support, and we figured out the issue. I had a frame nested very deep in the frame I wanted to prototype. This nested frame had vertical scrolling enabled, while the parent frame did not. Because of this, when I scrolled in the prototype, only the nested frame scrolled