Figma Preview shows wrong size of Frames, adding letterbox

I’ve a major problem with previews.

I design on a MacBook Pro 16" with notch and most of my frames are that size (made using Figma MacBook Pro 16" preset).

When I go and preview them, I’ve two options:

  • Prototype with the device frame (this inevitably scale the frames).
  • Prototype without the device frame and mess everything up (the frame is never really scaled to 100% – actual size).

See screenshots.

Frame in Figma design project.

Same frame previewed with Figma in full screen and “Fill screen” option selected.

Same frame preview with Figma in full screen and “Actual size (100%)” option selected.

All other options add borders like this and this is starting to be unbearable. How can one design without being able to see real life proportions?

Adding the MacBook pro image around does definitely not fix the issue as the screen gets even smaller.

Any one has the same issue or a solution? Thanks