Figma Plugin Analytics

Hey community. Over past weekend i’ve built – Analytics page for all Figma plugins out there.

Now you can easily find plugin page views, installs, install rate, likes, like rate. You can compare your stats to other plugins, sort by different metrics, date ranges and find cool underdog plugins or creators that haven’t reached spotlight yet.

Let me know what you think could be improved and I’ll try my best to do it. Cheers.

Read more about FigmaStats here:


Awesome work! Very helpful tool!


Super cool! Is there a way to add additional plugins? I noticed more recent plugins are not there

Hey there I saw this project was deprecated a few months back so I decided to pick up where Klavs left off and made Fig Stats which has all new and old plugins and even widgets. Check it out.


Hah, i’ve recently renewed my domain, so FigmaStats will soon have an upgrade :smiley:
But yeah, nice you pick it up! :pray:

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