Figma Payment API for team pricing

I’m getting heat on Twitter and in my dedicated Slack channels about not supporting plugin purchasing for teams instead of individuals. I knew this drawback when I committed to using the Figma Payment API instead of a third party payment API, and didn’t anticipate how vociferous the response would be.

Are there team-level payment options on the Payments API roadmap? Has Figma been hearing similar feedback from other developers?


While I hope @Nathan_Curtis isn’t catching too much heat for this, since his plugin is great, but yes it would be very nice if our organization could manage some premium subscriptions for plugins for our designers. This would allow us to very easily elevate a chosen set of plugins to our standard workflows.

As it currently stands we need each of our designers to individually purchase premium subscriptions per plugin and then file expense reports. Hardly an impossible hurdle to overcome - but friction nonetheless.

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