Figma Not Recognizing MS SharePoint/OneDrive Folder When Trying To Import Images

Suddenly Figma stopped recognizing a folder in my company’s SharePoint/OneDrive assets. For a year I was able to access images in said folder with no problem until the other day. Anyone else suddenly have this issue. Not sure if it’s a Figma or SharePoint issue.

The first screenshot (yellow highlight) is of my Mac Finder that is synced to OneDrive, which shows the Images folder I need to access.

The second is a screenshot (red highlight) of Figma’s import dialog box in which that Images folder is missing.

Thanks in advance for any advice you all might be able to provide.

Hey there, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

Is this happening both in browser and using the desktop app? What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far?

  • logging out and back in
  • clearing your browser/desktop app’s cache
  • un-installing and re-installing the desktop app

Here’s how to clear the desktop app cache on a Mac:

  1. Quit the Figma desktop app
  2. Open and enter the following command: rm -rf “$HOME/Library/Application Support/Figma/”{Desktop,DesktopProfile}
  3. Try opening the desktop app again