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Figma new 1 project and 3 files restriction

With the new changes, that for me are big restrictions to the free plans that i was using for 3 years now. All of Figma app has this message “Your team has reached it design file limit” with multiple teams with 3 out of 1 project used and over +20 files out out 3 ?

I’m worried cause does this mean I’m somewhat “force” to pay to save those files ?
What’s gonna happened to all my work files, are they gonna be remove in some days/week if i leave those project over the new 1 project and 3 files cap ?


Here’s a post by Figma with some more information on the changes:

Your files will stay there, you just won’t be able to make anymore in your team (I believe).

What you might need to do, as I do, is work out of your ‘Drafts’ space instead. However, you will still want to upgrade your plan to the Professional tier if you ever need to give editor access to your Draft files.

The new pricing scheme is amazingly discriminating towards solitary designers. This new 1 project 3 files restriction basically force us to subscribe to features we don’t need and the free version has features we definitively don’t need. It is clear that Figma has forgotten about those of us who represent one of the biggest user-groups. We’ve been a great resource for Figma on many levels; free marketing, broader use in business environments and community content.

I am one hobby designer, and I don’t need unlimited editors or viewers - but I do need multiple projects and files. This change effectively make the tool completely useless for single seat users.

I thought the free starter plan would forever be free with the features available.

Since it is unlikely that Figma will change their ways, I would like to suggest that a plan for hobby use with the following features and limitations:

$5/month price point

  • 3-5 projects
  • Unlimited files
  • 1 editor and 2 additional viewers
  • Unlimited history
  • Component library (max 10000 components)

Don’t be evil.


Thats the way it works. Offer a service for free to build a user base and evangelist, position your company for a sale. Sell and become exactly the same as the companies you claimed to be better than when you started out. Rinse and repeat.

I am fine with the 1 project restriction but they really thought it out with the 3 pages per file restriction so that you can’t have more than one project in a file.

In a few years there will be another clone and we will do this all over again.

Just press the ‘Create new team’ option in the bottom left, and you have another Project, another 3 files and a few pages. Its not the end of the world. I built full fledged websites and huge intranet applications, with only 1 Photoshop file in the past. Learn to work around the problem.