Figma Montserrat does not match Google Montserrat

Left is is Figma, right is web page loading fonts from Google

Letter shapes are different. Slant of the italic is different

Having the same “not the same font” issue with Source Sans Pro. I do not have these fonts installed on my machine.

It’s like a mystery. Once, I noticed the “Nunito Sans” font of Figma not so like Google Font’s

@Figma_Bot, for Nunito Sans:

@Terence, try also changing the stylistic sets or other attributes in the Type details. If, after enabling/disabling OpenType features, it still doesn’t look like the font from Google Fonts, this is probably due to the fact that Figma has a previous version of the font. About the frequency of updating the list of fonts:

Humm, the problem is when I collaborate with other people, they touch the text and It changes back, without my knowledge. I also noticed that It makes components not swap correctly. It’s like 2 versions of Nunito Sans in my design. It makes me so frustrated, until now. I already accepted it.

How can I get the Figma style font on my site? It looks better than the Google font.

You can download different versions of the font from the GitHub Repo, and find the correct version.

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