🚨 Figma mobile app is not supported on the iOS 16.4 Beta! 📱

Hey FigCommunity!

Vivek from the Figma mobile team here.

Just wanted to let everyone here know that we’re aware Figma currently doesn’t work on the iOS 16.4 Beta. This affects both iPhones and iPads.

In the latest iOS 16.4 Beta, Apple broke a core set of technologies we rely on to load your Figma content (in files, prototypes, and even mirror). We’re working closely with Apple and partner teams to investigate this issue and have a fix ready before iOS 16.4 is released to the general public.

Until then if you’d like to keep using Figma on a mobile device in Apple’s ecosystem, you’ll have to stop using the iOS Beta releases and go back to using a regular version of iOS.

If you haven’t started using the iOS 16.4 Beta, we recommend holding off and skipping this beta.

We know you’re excited about the new iOS release (we are too!) so we appreciate your patience as we work through this issue.

We’ll keep you posted if we have any updates here.


This seems to be fixed in 16.4 beta 3 :tada:

OK – so not completely fixed, but much better. A Figma file in Safari reloads every so often for no apparent reason

Hey all, Vivek here again.

We’ve been testing Apple’s latest iOS 16.4 Developer Beta 3 and would like to share a quick update.

We’ve seen significant improvements with this new Developer Beta 3.

Previously, all files we tested were crashing immediately. Now, most files are working just like they did before - which is great! But we’re still keeping a close eye on this issue as things may change from Beta version to Beta version.

This new Developer Beta 3 will go out as a wider Public Beta in a couple days so you can expect to see it available for download from Apple soon. (If you’re a developer, then you have access to the Developer Beta already and can upgrade now).

You may still encounter files that crash but that is likely a long-standing issue with device memory limits that we’re aware of. Definitely report anything you see that looks off - we’re monitoring every piece of feedback that comes in.

If you need the app to be more reliable, then the best options is still to stop using the Beta and go back to a standard version of iOS.

Again, we thank you for your patience as we work through this issue.

Hi :wave: Katie here from Figma’s support team. @Eliot_Lovell can you either report this to us using the in-mobile-app shake/screenshot to report feature while you have this file open, or use the ‘?’ in the Desktop app or browser so we can have the engineers take a closer look? If you can add support-share@figma.com to the file and share the link in any report, this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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