Figma Mirror is not working on iOS 16

Thanks for following this, iPadOS16 public beta is out and Figma is not working on safari

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same issue. Downloaded public beta version of iOS 16 and figma mirror isn’t working

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If this was a known issue, it would have been nice to get an email from Figma Team about it. What kind of designer isn’t going to download the latest Apple designs? Huge loss of work hours installing the new OS, trying to troubleshoot this, and then re-installing the old OS — which won’t work if you’re doing iCloud backups.

Now I have to wait until Apple releases a new 15.x iOS version to get rid of it. Don’t know how many days I’ll be out a primary workflow tool.

Does anybody know of functional alternatives to Mirror? Would make $$ with the amount of time Figma app hasn’t been working lately.

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If it was really so important you’d have kept the phone on the stable version. Don’t be rude, as a designer and part of development teams, we should know that beta versions are highly unstable and apps will not work. Preview it on a computer or go back to iOS 15. :sweat_smile:

Just a courtesy. If it’s easy to help people, do it. I messaged the designers I know and they were thankful for the save.

I have to support @Guilherme_Dourado1 here. Apple says: don’t do this on production machines, not out of negligence or corporate-cover-my-a$$-policy, but because out of neccessity.

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This happened since iOS 15 beta. The app doesn’t work on beta and understandably so since well… it’s a beta and not public release. If you want to test out the beta version, do it on your secondary or spare device. It would be great if it works on beta version as well, but you can’t really blame Figma for running their software on beta release.

Appears to be fixed in today’s Developer Beta. :ok_hand:t2:

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Was just coming here to say this. Resolved!

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Hey All, Apple just released iOS 16 beta 4 today, which includes the fix for the Figma app! :tada:


Is that the public beta or developer beta?

Developer Beta 4

how does it work in Stage manager?

Seems ok. :+1: