Figma log in - Google account deleted

Hi guys. I was using Figma using 2 different accounts, one with my personal gmail account and the other one through my official gmail account. After I left my company, they deleted my official Gmail account. However, the Figma account was still accessible to me despite the fact that the gmail account didn’t exist after they deleted it. Since I was using that account because it was somehow still logged in and I was able to access my projects there. However, I had to factory reset my laptop some days back and after that I am not able to access that account because it got signed out and there’s no way I can gain access to it since the gmail account doesn’t exist for it which I used to login with. Can you please tell me how can I get access to that account because I didn’t set a password for that account. Please help me!!

Hi @Vaishali
I believe you need an access to that email address to be able to login and access your files. As you don’t have access to that email address anymore, I don’t think it is possible.

Hi @Vaishali ,
Sorry to hear this is happening. The forums are primarily run by the community.
Please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help with account issues:


Hi Vaishali! I found the solution to this. You will need to have some link to that Figma file somewhere to access it.

Once you have the link to the file, you can open it in editor & copy the files.

Hiiii @Vaishali Did you manage to find a way??? I am facing the same problem :(((( so depressed

Hey @Anya_Liu, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

It looks like you also reached our to support directly on ticket #848347. Our team will reach out directly to help troubleshoot.

Hi did you find anything? I’m facing the same problem so disheartening

Even after mailing them multiple times all I’ve gotten is the same automated resposnse with article links which are not even mildly address the issue at hand

We just ran into this. An employee who left the company was the “Owner” of the Figma account, and their Gmail account was removed when they left. They logged into Figma using the “Continue with Google” method. So we thought we had lost access forever. Here is our solution.

In Google Workspace we set up an email alias so that would forward emails to On the Figma login screen, we clicked on the “Reset password” link. That sent a password reset link to the current employee’s inbox, and we were able to gain access to the account again without using the “Continue with Google” login method, just the usual email/password method. We were able to transfer ownership and now everything is fine.

Hope that helps someone out there!

Thanks for your solution @Glen_Moyes!

I’m going to close this topic, since it is a bit older – I’d also like to note for anyone else here:

Issues of this nature need to go straight to our support team for help. The nature of these problems are rooted in permissions, security, and privacy. We can never guarantee what solution can be done, since each user has a unique instance that they are dealing with.

With that said, please feel free to create new topics if you have any other questions :blush: