Figma iOS won't load my file in presentation mode

Hi there,

I’m a Figma user (free account) anbd I’ve been working on a simple design for my personal blog via the web app, and mocked up some mobile designs for it. I read from a quick google search that to check how it looks for mobile, just download the iOS app, sign in, load up your design and hit the presentation mode – but when I do this, I get stuck on the rainbow progress bar with the Figma logo in the middle, and everything else is white. It will stay like this forever, I have left it for a good 25 minutes (I am on a 100Mbit fibre to the home connection, so I’m sure it’s not lack of bandwidth) with no further progress.

What am I doing wrong, or what do I need to do on my end to get my design to load up successfully in the iOS app?

I’ve checked the Figma status page and it says everything is operational. I tried looking at some of the previous issues but there’s no new information there that can assist me in what I am trying to do.

Thanks in advance!