Figma frames preview in Notion displays whole file in stead of frame

I set up some documentation of a design I made for a client and put some previews inside the pages. The documentation is made in Notion.
To embed the right preview, I copied the link via the Share dialogue, while the frame was selected. The option ‘link to selected frame’ was ticked.
After pasting the link, Notion ‘generated’ the preview inside the page.

After the weekend, I wanted to update some of the pages. And what happened? The previews of the frames turned at once into previews of the whole file. :frowning:

Nothing really changed between Friday and Monday.

Anyone any idea?




This happened to us today too, about 6 hours ago I was working in Notion and all the frames were appearing properly and then suddenly it was showing the first page in our design file.

I reported this to their support and they said it might be a bug and it has been assigned to someone but no timeline for fixing it has been provided.

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Are there any news about this issue? It really hurts when you’re doing documentation and you cannot even see if what you’re linking it’s right.
Something that I’ve observed is that the preview links to the Figma file (and frame) right, but cannot get the image sadly.

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I received a message from support that they escalated it, whatever that may be. Hope they are able to fix this soon. But, keep posting it and also get to support.

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It seems to be fixed for me!! :partying_face: :partying_face: I don’t know if it will work for others, but at least for me it just works now.

Hi folks! The Notion team has pushed a fix for this today! :tada::tada:

Please reach out with any questions or if you have any other issues with link previews.

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