Figma for Jira values in Jira

I’m trying to set up a query in Jira for stories that have a custom label applied (UX-Design-Require), but do not have a design attached. This query works to show stories that DO have designs attached: design[totalCount]>=1 order by created DESC

But the expected query of design[totalCount]=0 order by created DESC does NOT work. I’m wondering if it’s because the design field used by the Figma plugin does not exist until the Design button is clicked in Jira? I can’t figure out what other ways might work, but Jira is telling me that "Available properties are “design[status]”, “design[type]”, “design[lastUpdated]”, and “design[totalCount]”.

However, I can’t find any documentation for status or type to see if there are values there that I could use. Any suggestions?

Hey there,

Thanks for the post. I’m checking it with our internal team. We will get back to you when we have anything we can share with you.


Thanks for waiting!

I’ve checked with our internal team and they’re having trouble reproducing the issue you’re running into. When using design[totalCount] = 0 in a JQL query, it is accurately returning the issues that do not have an design attached.

JQL design search | Jira Software Cloud | Atlassian Support is the documentation that goes into the feature in more detail / describes what each value in the query means and may be helpful for you to debug their query. Could you take a look at that please?


I’ve reviewed the documentation more than once. The problem isn’t that I don’t understand how to write the query. It’s that design[totalCount] = 0 works in one Jira project, but not in another. We opened a support ticket with Atlassian who investigated and then said there’s nothing in Jira that’s causing the issue so it must be a problem with the Figma plugin.