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Hello Guys,
Is Anyone Having This Problem,
I am using the web version of figma I have installed figma font helper but it still shows this;


I reinstalled “Font Helper” Several Times but still the same problem.

Maybe something in your system is blocking it from running, like an antivirus software of some sort? Have you tried restarting the computer? Also try installing the Desktop app, it doesn’t need Font Installer.

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Hello Gleb, Thanks For Your Reply
i don’t have antivirus or something like that, i reinstalled desktop app but this is not related to desktop app because i am having this issue with web version.

Thanks now this time i have installed figma font helper and figma desktop and it’s working.

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I had the same problem in Brave. Solved by turning Braves shield off for This is what’s being blocked as cross-domain tracking.

It’s annoying that I have to allow Google Tag Manager for this to work.