Figma doesn't update variant overrides in prototype

Hi guys,

I have always had problems with updating the overrides in Figma since I have a master component with two variants and a microinteraction in them, I use this component in a frame and I changed overrides but when I see the prototype it does not update the overrides but leaves the texts by default .

I have tried using texts with the default layer name (which changes as you type) or resetting it to a defined value but neither option works

Any help to avoid having to create several frames? or am I making some mistake?

@Felix_Montana Hiya! Myself and the rest of the team took a moment to replicate the flow you described, and it didn’t look like there was any issue.

We may not have been testing the right scenario, though :thinking: Are you able to share a copy of the flow/prototype you’re working with so we can take a look? Or a screen recording would work too.

If you’re able to do that, and would prefer to move this conversation to support for a more private convo, lmk.

Hello @ksn thanks for your supporting. In this drive link I attached you the case. I hope you can help me.

Nested-List component don't update overwritten labels - Prototype bug - #4 by tank666.

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Thanks, I hided the elements and it´s worked. Thank you!

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