Figma crash [January 12, 2022] when loading plugin list; right-clicking on the canvas; running Quick actions

@knishida how can I uninstall the plugin? Currently I also get a crash when I try to load the plugins from my user profile… so no way to uninstall?

When I right-click on anything, the branch page completely freezes and turns into gray. I have to close and re-open.

  • This happens with all the frames.
  • This doesn’t happen with other branches in the same file.
  • Only one particular branch does this.

Go to: Figma Plugins | Powerful Plugins Made Just For Figma, find Automator, click uninstall.

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This may be helpful here are well.

Hey everyone - we’ve temporarily blocked the “Automater” plugin while we continue to investigate the root cause of the issues that appear linked to it.

if you refresh, you should see things return to normal, and won’t need to manually uninstall the plugin at this time.

Stay tuned for further updates! Appreciate your patience in the meantime :grinning:

I think it has been fixed because I didn’t uninstall Automater plugin and it has been working fine for now at least.

Hey everyone, we’ve re-enabled the plugin Automater and things should be working as normal again. If after installing you’re still running into the white screen/crash please let us know here.

Hey @Josh ,

The problem have not been solved on my end.

There is a small difference this time, while trying to right-click I get notified “Unable to open context menu”.
If I try to open the menu from Figma logo, then I get the white screen.

Still the problem, seems to be related to Automater and the latest comments update pushed by Figma.


I am having the same issue on my end here. Getting messages like “unable to open context menu” when I right-click. When I press Ctrl + / it shows message like “unable to open quick actions”. Please can this issue be solved? I can’t work since morning.

Same problem here. I’m going to remove Automator, I hope that will solve the problem.

I’m with the same problem. I removed Automator and my blank screen is solved but now when I click on right click “unable to open context menu” appears.

I have to mention something since I saw many people making this mistake and this may cause an indirect problem.

There are 2 plugins with similar naming:

  • Automater, and I’m the creators - the mistake in the naming is intentional to stay in sync with my other plugin name, called Styler, but it seems that this was not a brilliant idea. Also the plugin came before Automator, so I couldn’t prevent this situation.
  • Automator, which is developed by Jordan Singer

If you have both of them installed, the one that cause the problem is Automater.


Same problem over here, even though I don’t have automated plugins I am not unable to open the context menu… And I cannot open plugins page at all it keeps loading🤯

Hey everyone, thanks for your patience here. Our team is continuing to investigate the issue, and we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as often as we can.

Quick action doesn’t work ?

Hi, can’t use figma anytime I try to go to drafts it goes blank

Hi all, we’ve blocked the plugin again as we continue to investigate the issue.

The problem should now be solved

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