Figma bug - Shadow in component is not shown in Presentation mode (only visible in Edit mode)

From today (30 Aug 2023) my old component (the drop-down menu, it contains menus and white background with shadow) lost their shadow in Presentation mode, the shadow is visible only in Edit mode, but not appers in Presentation. Can you fix this issues? I think this is Figma bug. Yesterday everyting was okay.

By the way other components shadows are okay except this particular component.

I tried to renaimed this component and shadow preset, delete and add shadow again, add other shadow, but this particular component doesn’t have shadow in Presentation. But this components used everywhere so I can’t just delete it and create new one.

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Happening to me as well. The shadow on an any frame set as an Overlay does not show in Presentation mode.

Mac desktop app version 116.12.2

Hi and thank you for reporting this. I have passed this info along to our engineering team and we are investigating further.

Thank you for your patience, we are pleased to inform you that the fix has been successfully released!

Please refresh Figma to ensure that you are using the fixed version.

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Thanks, you fixed this - my problem is resolved. I saw my component works correct now.

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