Figma app not loading files

Figma app is not loading files in to app from desktop website dont know why???

Hey @Sayam_Biswas Sorry for any trouble (and for the delay in reply from the weekend).

Just a note that I noticed someone else had a similar issue, so I’m asking the same questions just to make sure I have some clarity:

Are you still having trouble running your file? If so, can you provide some details?

Are you on the desktop app?

Does opening the file error out when you open on both the desktop app and website? Or is it just one over the other?

Is this happening on one single file, or is it happening across multiple files?

Hello, I am having the same issues.
Since months I am having trouble loading Figma files or changing between projects.
As soon as I do so, I have 80% chance of not being able to load any project for many hours.
If I accidentally close the window and try to get into the file again: same problem. No matter which browser or computer I am using.
This is a serious issue and absolutely annoying when working.
Please help.

I am on the website as I am using Linux and there is no official desktop app for it as far as I know.
It happens on multiple files.
No, it doesn’t open anything-no error- it just keeps loading forever…
Even after restarts etc. - same issue

Hey @Neda, sorry to hear this!

To determine if this is a network issue:

  1. Can you try connecting via a different network such as a mobile hotspot, and then check if this works more smoothly?
  2. If using a VPN or Firewall, can you try temporarily disabling this and check if the file works better?

Let us know how it goes.

Hi @dvaliao ,

no difference in terms of Firewall or VPN. One PC has both, the other none. Issue on both PC’s
It seems to be with everything Figma related. As every other site loads immediately. With network and hotspot. I even had the issue loading this page. It took several attempts but gladly not too long. With the files it is worse.
For example - I am answering you, but the in the tab it is pending - that is new though.
The only thing I can say is, that it sometimes feels better on Firefox than on Chrome, but to be honest, as soon as the issue appears it works on neither - while everything else works fine.
What seems to work though is if I open Figma on mobile.

Thanks for the additional context!

Our technical quality team will be better equipped to perform some diagnostic tests with you. Can you please reach out to the team directly via this form for help?

Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to a file that you’re having trouble with, and share it with, so they can take a closer look.