Figma API - custom dashboard to track libraries metrics

Hi there,

In a Design System context, we currently have a hot topic of using the Figma API to create our own dashboard for tracking component usage metrics, with notably better depth than what Figma natively offers. I don’t see any examples of such a practice on the internet, except for the dedicated article by Pinterest…

Do you have any feedback? Examples? The aim is to get inspired and save time on our project.


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Recently, I saw here on the forum, this video as suggestion (I don’t remember the topic): Using Figma to go beyond Figma - Dylan Babbs, Vietanh Nguyen (Config 2021) - YouTube

It’s not specific how to build a dashboard, but there a lot awesome content to open mind.

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Thanks it’s a valuable start <3

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Same topic on my side.
Like in many companies, our Design System is challenged to define, track success metrics in order to take good decision and prove performance of the team and DS.
Today, the Design Systems Analytics of Figma is too poor to be sweat to use daily. And we are forced to think about use Figma APIs to create or own dashboard.
I’m curious to discover how other teams created their owns and implemented it.