Figma API create connector not implemented

I’m developing a plugin and need to create a connector node. However, I encounter an ‘not implemented’ error when calling the createConnector function.

Has anyone successfully used connectors in Figma and can offer a solution?


This API is only available in FigJam.

Thanks for the response, Tank.

Yes, I’m wondering if anyone has found a workaround for implementing connectors in Figma plugins. Interestingly, when I copy a connector from FigJam and paste it into Figma, it functions correctly, indicating that Figma can handle these types of connectors.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and developed a solution? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Users can copy any objects from FigJam and paste them into Figma, but it doesn’t mean anything because the API doesn’t allow it.

A workaround would be to work with existing connectors in the file and further clone and change the properties of these nodes.