Figma Agent message after restart

Hi everyone,

every time I restart my Mac on macOS Ventura (13.2.1) the Figma Agent displays a Message saying that it has been installed and basically is doing its work. It appears right in the middle of the screen and I have to click (OK) it away.

Is this intended behavior? Does it have to be like that? Is this Ventura’s fault? This did not happen on the earlier macOS Catalina. Ok, it’s just one click, but still I’m wondering why…?!? I’d expect this to appear once after the installation and then never again.

My system and Figma has been freshly installed recently and I already tried removing the agent and letting Figma reinstall it (it does so automatically) but the popup message is still the same.

Are you also experiencing this? Thanks for any advice.

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Hey there,

Sorry for the trouble! This may be a bug. Our engineering team is going to take a closer look.

In the meantime, if this issue is disrupting you from using Figma in the desktop app, a temporary workaround around may be to use Figma in the browser.
Our supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge and you can see this article to Configure your browser for Figma.

One more troubleshooting step we can try as well is to uninstall only Figma Agent and reinstall the version available from our downloads page.

To uninstall just Figma Agent you can:

  1. Open
  2. Paste in the following command:
    /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

The link to download Figma Agent (the font installer) can be found here:
Figma Downloads

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Hi Denise,

thanks for your suggestion. I tried uninstalling the Figma Agent and reinstalling it from the webpage but the result is just the same. Seems like a bug in the Figma Agent, overly enthusiastically reporting that it is going to do its thing… :sunglasses:

But anyway, it’s not a deal breaker. I prefer using the desktop app and all in all it’s just one more click after a restart of the Mac. However if someone would take a look at this and finally tame it, then yeah, I’m ready to applaud and praise their names!

Thanks so far and have a good start of the week,

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Here’s a short update for anyone stopping by:
it seems the issue has been resolved, the Figma agent is now silent after a restart of the Mac. Seems to have come with the latest update of Figma.
Great, thank you very much! Have a great day y’all. :sunglasses:

Hi there,

this issue with popup window is still happening to me on my two Macs, on the latest Figma and macOS versions. How can I fix it? The solution with killing Figma Agent does not work. I dont use Figma in the browser either.

Hey Pat_M, sorry to hear you’re having issue. If you are still having trouble with the Figma Agent, I would recommend you to reach out directly to the support team, as this could be another issue here: Thank you!