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FigJam Testflight Invite [resolved]


I couldn’t find a similar thread, but how can I get an invite to test FigJam on iOS devices?

There is no FigJam on iOS. You are probably confusing it with the new Figma app on mobile, but it doesn’t have editing capabilities, it’s just a more powerful file viewer and mirror app.

Hm, I though that in order to test the FigJam on iOS I would have to have the beta access of the Figma iOS app, as the FigJam itself is in Beta.
Does that mean that FigJam will get its own iOS app (if ever)?

Figma team didn’t say anything about any kind of mobile apps for FigJam so I would assume that even if they are working on one, it’s very early. (But I don’t think they are actively working on one.)

Ok thanks for clearing this up.