FigJam Android tablet app

Hi, I would love to have the option to draw with the Marker tool in the android tablet application. I know it is possible on iOS tablets, but it isn’t possible on Android.


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So I have this Lenovo 11 Pro tablet with a pen and it would be awesome if I could have an app for drawing stuff, like some wireframing and then share it with people and also go over to Figma and design over it. Right now it works via Chrome but it’s not perfect.

Anyone thought about it?


I’ve been wanting this for a while too. Especially with foldable devices now, that are like tablets. I posted a similar request that got no traffic: FigJam editing on foldable devices - #2

Maybe I’ll forward this to Figma support. Seems like a relatively simple thing, to port a tablet app from iOS for Android too. :crossed_fingers:

I’m going to edit your topic to be more broad, so it’s asking for an Android FigJam app.

Can y’all please add support for editing on folding devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold4, the way you allow editing on the iPad app?

These are typically recognized as a tablet device when it’s unfolded with the inner display, by other apps (like my browser for example). I can even use a stylus like the Apple Pencil.

I don’t want an iPad to have to do this. Thank you!

Ipad have FigJam, what about Android?


Absolutely! While it is understandable that migrating software from iOS to Android can be a bigger challenge than vice versa, I believe there is a number of users here who use Android tablets and wish to be able to use FigJam much like iPad users.

Since FigJam on iPad was only released back in March 2022, there may still be some time before it can be launched on Android (if ever), but it will still be great if there is some sort of timelines and milestones announced officially by Figma.

Regardless, Figma has done great works for the design community and their efforts are appreciated.

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Hi, does anybody know if there is an update from Figma about this?

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Hey All, thanks for the feedback!

This is definitely on our team’s radar, but we don’t have an exact timeline to provide yet. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for future releases!

Why does the FigJam app need to be restricted to Apple only?

In many enterprise companies like mine people use windows because of many reasons. But everyone needs to be able to share ideas by using one tool during their work process.

Pls implement a FigJam app for android.

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I am a Surface user and I’d love to have a FigJam app which is similar to the iPad app. Features I’m looking for:

  • Options to differentiate between touch, pen, & mouse
  • Touch gestures (like 3 finger swipe for undo)
  • Fullscreen experience
  • Lighter weight experience (one file at a time)
  • Allow repositioning of bottom toolbar
  • Offline mode
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+1 to creating a FigJam app for Android tablets