Feature requests: setting up new users

A few improvements for the admin panel/setting up new users:

  1. When an invite is sent out, let us pick at that point what access the user will have for Design, Dev, and FigJam.

It’s a pain in the butt having to go back to see if/when people have accepted the invite.

  1. Also at the new user set-up; would be helpful to have an option for length of time the user can have editor seat(s).

Example: we are hiring many 12-18 month contract positions currently. Checking off that they’re a contract employee for 12 months and then admins get a notification around the contract end date as a reminder to adjust the access.

  1. Setting up notifications for users who have been been completely inactive for X amount of time - to prompt admins to review and see if user still needs Figma.