Feature request: Prepend effect style name to filter IDs on SVG export

My problem is that I can’t tell what any of the filter effects are on SVG export, especially when there are several.

What I would prefer is a filter effect id to include the name of the effect style (if the effect is a style) . For example a shadow-lg effect style would look like the following after svg export:

This small change would make it a lot easier to work with SVG assets that have these styles applied. I realize this is niche and I probably use SVG filter effects more than any current living person but it would go a long way for my personal QoL. Eager to hear if anyone else would find this helpful.

Hey @Gavin_Atkinson1, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this along to the team for consideraion.

Thank you. Been using Figma since 2015 (I’m @ gavin). Was really revolutionary back then.

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