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Feature Request: Image alignment tools

I often have layouts where images of varying size need to be placed within a uniform bounding box that establishes max width/height. Using the “fit” method when inserting images resizes the image as needed, but only places it centered within that box. However, I often need to keep that image flush-left.

In HTML/CSS, I’d just place the image in a fixed height

and align it left within the bounding box, however there doesn’t seem to be a good way to do this easily in Figma yet. I could do a workaround with an image inserted within a nested component, but that solution doesn’t scale as part of a design library.

It would be great if we had more options to set image handling within bounding boxes for common issues like this. There’s a great article from 2019 by Андрей Насонов over on the UX Planet Medium feed that has many more excellent examples. Article is titled How can we improve the Image tool in Figma? (Concept) (Sorry, can’t post links in these forums).

Would LOVE to have this kind of flexibility for image handling.

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I just ran into this issue, would also love to see this feature implemented. Right now it’s center-aligned or nothing but we really need the ability to align “fitted” images anywhere.

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