[Feature Request] Create library "checkpoints" before library updates are applied / Revert library changes

As a large organization we’ve run into issues where someone accidentally accepts library updates on a “locked” spec file. A small safeguard would be to have a version history checkpoint automatically created just before a library update is applied.

That we can easily revert to a save just prior to the update. It’s a feature that would also be beneficial with branch merging as well.

Currently I’m doing this myself, but it’s easy to forget to do so and encourage every editor to as well. Autosave isn’t always reliable at the interval it creates saves and manually creating checkpoints is a buried feature for most.

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+1; Totally agree!

@Laura_Keller Hey! Sorry this is a late reply, but thank you for the feedback – at the moment, I’m not able to think of an alternative that would help gatekeep library updates, but I’m going to keep your topic open and revise the title a bit.

If I incorrectly understood your suggestion, let me know.