Feature request: Ability to view all review requests

If I am asked to review a branch merge, all i see is a notification in my alerts. If I view the notification it’s marked as Read, but there’s no way to go back and see all pending reviews that you haven’t approved yet. If I know I have a few pending reviews I need to go searching through branches to find out where they are.

A way to view all pending reviews that I am an approver on would be helpful


Very helpful


This is a problem my team and I run into all the time. Myself and lead designers have a lot to review, and things get lost in the current notification format. It would be amazing to see a list of:

  1. All branches with open review requests
  2. A filtered list with review requests assigned to me
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I’ll add, it would also be helpful to have the ability to see pending review requests which you have requested of other people.

I work in a project with lots of files and branches. It’s easy to forget a piece of work that I’m waiting on a review of before merging. To see if I have anything outstanding I might have forgotten about I’m currently forced to manually look through all the files and branches until I maybe find something

Same here, with my team we are having a hard time knowing which branches are opened/in review throughout the project.

A UI to have an overview of all the currently opened branches and the one I’m suppose to review would help us a lot!

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