Feature Improvement: Checkboxes for resolving merge conflicts

Currently the only two ways to resolve merge conflicts is

  1. having to go through each page one by one and choosing whether or not to keep main vs keep branch.
  2. batch resolving all conflicts by choosing main or branch.

The first way is so tedious, especially when there is only one small change that needs to be merged on one page in the branch, but all the other pages have changed a lot in the main. So we have to go through every single conflict and mark it as main except for the single page that needs to be branch. This is exacerbated by the slow rendering of each conflict, so we have to wait about 15-30 seconds for each to render before being able to select main or branch.

The second way does not allow us to have much control over what is main or what is branch, and prevents us from being able to easily selecting the page(s) that need to keep branch.

It’d be nice if there was a multi-select option where we can scan through the list of conflicts and choose which ones should keep main or keep branch.

The first method seems really time-consuming, especially if you only need to merge one small change against a background of significant changes in the main version. The second method, although it allows you to resolve conflicts in batches, but deprives you of control over what remains from the main or branch version. I support your proposal to add multi-select, which would allow you to select specific pages to save a branch or main version, making it easier to resolve conflicts.