Favorite file limit exceeded (but actually it isn't)

Hi there,

when I try to add a file to my favorites the tooltip text states that my limit of 20 favorites is reached. However, when I look at my left sidebar I just have 8 files inside my favorites list.
I guess it is a bug? I’m not able to add my other 12 favorites.

Hi there,

Thanks for flagging and sharing the screenshot. It was helpful. It looks strange. Please let me ask our internal team to confirm this behavior. I will get back to you as soon as I get something from them.


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I’m also getting the same issue. I have 11 favourited items but I can no longer add any more as it’s saying I have reached my limit.

I filed an internal bug report. I can’t be sure if it’s fixed soon but if there are any updates, I will let you know. Thanks for flagging and your patience.


The issue is now fixed / has been resolved by Alex from Figma Support :raised_hands:
I’m finally able to add favs again.