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Faux superscript support

Many fonts don’t have super script and sub script support, so they’re disabled (at least all the font I need to use).

I know some fonts have built-in symbols for TM, SM, R, C, etc, but in many cases, they’re not superscripted or inconsistently so.

It would be great if Figma supports faux Super Script, where you can highlight any characters, make them smaller, and adjust the positioning. (similar to how our engineering friends would implement it using and CSS to fine tune)


A lot of fonts don’t have this OpenType flag (which is used by Figma), but many still have the characters that can be typed manually: ¹²³⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸⁹⁰

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I sort of understand the desire to keep things Kosher, but this has been an issue for a while.

One member put it the best:

Also putting my hand up here for this need. As designers, we don’t always have control over what fonts our clients use, and this problem is something that comes up all the time.

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This is a massive +1 from me. Working in the healthcare sector, references are really important. I like the idea of keeping it ‘pure’, but it’s just not realistic if the rest of the web doesn’t work like that. Since Figma is built on web technologies, surely it can’t be hard to use cutting-edge markup techniques like <sup>?

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True. But support for reference symbols is rare (e.g. †, ‡, §, ‖, ¶).

Also, when working with scientific content it’s not uncommon to have multiple references at the end of a sentence, and you need to separate each of those with a comma (e.g. ‘1,2,3’). Unfortunately pretty much no font has a dedicated superscript comma character.


I’m pretty sure it’s not rare, it’s non-existent. There are no unicode characters for that. Only the open type font feature can do it but I don’t think any fonts would include those characters in it. I know @Tom_Lowry worked on a private plugin for something like this, maybe it’s worth sharing, Tom?

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I work for a company that supports multiple brands that legally require for the creative to be both in french and english. Currently our english trademarks work fine, however it takes our team a lot of time to type set every trademark in FR as it has to be done manually.

I would love to see support from Figma in getting some sort of plug-in or function in the program to support forced super script!


It doesn’t seem like there’s a solution coming from Figma any time soon, so we’ve started the process of creating a bespoke font (using FontSelf) with a wide range of superscript characters and weights. Not ideal and seems excessive, but will solve it for us until there is enough support for Figma to build this in.

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If you could publish your creation in the future, that would be awesome!