Faster way to change style color values

Hello everyone.
I like to tweak my colors after I have a fairly complete layout ready, however with Figma styles I found I have to open a lot of popups to get to the color picker.

  • Click Edit Style on the style color in the right navigator → Edit color style popup opens
  • Click on the color rectangle in the Properties section → Color value editor popup opens
  • Click in the color picker to change the color and see your changes take effect live
  • Once you click another color in the style color list all of these popups close and you have to open them again for the next color.

Now imagine you are fine tuning 10 different colors to harmonise and verifying it in your design.
You are now constantly clicking back and forth for every color, opening these popups non-stop.

Is there a better way? Maybe a plugin you can recommend?
I’ve tried Styler, Theme Switcher, Color Theme Manager, but none of them simplified this process.

Thank you.